I can still remember my reaction in December of 1997 to the death of Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley.  I was saddened not only by the death of a great Wisconsinite but also by the thought of future current events that could not be satirized as well due to his loss.

I submit that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs would be more palatable if we could look forward to Farley spoofing his gaffes and everyday peculiarities.  In a NBC Today Show interview today, I enjoyed the interview so much more when I began imaging that the interview wasn’t reality rather it was Farley.  I imagined it was Matt Foley discussing a van down by the river instead of Gibbs spinning Senator Obama’s discouraging statements about the surge in Iraq.

Unfortunately, I finally realized that this wasn’t a spoof, Gibbs is actually the White House Press Secretary, and the content and spin of his interview was purposeful, had some basis in reality, and wasn’t intended to be humor.

With Chris Farley’s absence, I can only hope that President Obama’s Oval Office speech tonight will merit some satire from Fred Armisen on Saturday night.

13 years later, Chris Farley you are still missed.

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