The retirement of revered Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has given President Obama and his administration a chance to continue their public disdain of the Citizens United opinion that began with the President’s unprecedented disrespectful chastising of the Supreme Court at the State of the Union.  White House Adviser David Axelrod discussed the messaging for this new pick as someone to reset the scales of justice for ordinary citizens.

While James Gordon Meek appears to paint Citizens United opinion as unpopular based on his beliefs or his alignment with the Administration’s beliefs, the public is at best divided on their support or lack thereof for the ruling, like many other issues of the Court.  Furthermore, the messaging of the President and his Administration highlights their collective Commodus-like arrogance.  While the President has yet to be compared to this tyrant of Gladiator fame, his hubris is comparable.  The President like Commodus believes he understands the pulse of the people.  The unpopularity of the Health Care Bill and Cap and Trade exhibit a finger removed from the pulse when there is dissent.

From a conservative standpoint, one can only hope that this hubris will lead this Democratic President to nominate a David Souter-like candidate.  A conservative with no paper trail that will move expeditiously through the confirmation process.  However, once seated, he/she will show their ideological true colors.

That being said, the President’s statements about choosing a justice for the people highlights his lack of respect for the previous 111 Supreme Court Justices, as well as the men who nominated them and the men and women who confirmed them.

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