4511_108518825609_654335609_3187271_8064530_nI’m a thirty something who has finally realized the dream, which started at the age of 7, of practicing law.

I would describe myself as a sports and politics nut who would like one tv that rotated between sports channels and one tv that rotated between politics and news channels. Also, I am a huge trivia freak … life long jeopardy watcher.  In addition, I spent a good share of a misspent youth watching game shows on USA from noon until jeopardy came on at my babysitters.

On the political side of life, I’m a staunch conservative who gives thanks to the liberal indoctrination attempts in college and law school that helped me to realize and conceptualize my conservative beliefs. As many young republicans of my generation, I’m a conservative that identifies with the Republican Party. I’m dedicated to free and fair elections in the US by citizens eligible to vote in the US as well as free and fair elections around the world. In addition, I’m dedicated to enfranchising the men and women of the armed forces who fight for a nation that doesn’t fight for their right to vote and have a say. Furthermore, I believe that holding elections is not the key to the sustainability of a republic or a democracy, rather the belief in the results of the elections is the key to democracy.

All that being said, I do enjoy just relaxing on the porch with a glass of Bushmills or a bottle of Summit EPA, a relaxing walk chasing a white ball to get in touch with Scottish ancestors (aka golf),  deer hunting, fishing, and times with friends and family.

Please check back frequently as I attempt to give perspective to issues of law and perspectives affecting our daily lives.


(define y 25)
((((lambda (x) (lambda (y) (lambda (z) (x y z)))) (lambda (x y) (* 4 x))) 9) (+ (sqrt y) 5))
(define fac
  (lambda (n)
    (cond ((= n 0) 1)
          (else (* n (fac (- n 1)))))))
(fac 2)
(define f
  (lambda (lis)
    (cond ((null? lis) 0)
          (else (+ (car lis) (f (cdr lis)))))))
(f '(19 20))
(define invest-maker
  (lambda (rate)
    (lambda (capital)
      (* (+ 1.0 rate) capital))))
(define investA (invest-maker .07))
(define investB (invest-maker .15))
(investA 100)
(investB 100)

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